[S-series] Review: Pince & Pints Duxton Road, Lobster Mayhem!


Tonight Claire ask me to go to Pince & Pints, and so I gone and meet her along Duxton Road.

Duxton Road is a small neighbourhood of heritage two-storey shophouses that houses small design firms and restaurants. It is almost equal parts work and play in one location. And of course I didn’t just ‘meet her along Duxton Road’, I have to meet her at Outram Park Mrt and bring her to the place. Her sense of direction really isn’t that well established…

Pince & Pints Found

We’ve arrived, finally. It was a cosy place that somewhat resembles a retro American diner, makes me feel at ease after a day trudging through mud/work. Work is like grinding through the levels of a full length RPG and nothing helps me unwind like a bottle of Asahi once in a while… And Claire of course! Yeah.. Of course..


The Main Protagonist

But hey, the main character of this post isn’t any of the above, its the lobsters!


Or what remains of them.. displayed in a sloppy flat-lay attempt done by me, hey don’t look at me like that, I was never detail oriented so forgive me already!

The Lobster Roll


First in line is the Lobster Roll, served with salad and fries. This modest looking bread roll totally worth every single cent! When you sink your teeth into it, you shall find happiness! All those succulent chunks of lobster flesh evenly coated with seasoned mayonaise and chopped chives.. Whoever invented this dish is a genius! It’s so good by itself we totally forgot about the garlic aioli sauce.

It’s so good I’ll make Claire vomit up her half and gobble her vom… Ok, ok, I need to stop.


Whole Grilled Lobster


The Whole Lobster, grilled to perfection. The slightly charred surface totally complement the lobster flesh! It’s so fresh its sweet, and it’s choked full of flavour I can almost taste the flame that grilled it! I may be exaggerating but it’s really good, dip it into the accompanying butter sauce and deliver the dripping morsel into your mouth.

It shall complete you.

Some people liken lobster as a oversized prawn, I beg to differ. It’s in a league of its own. I mean, just check out the brilliant smile on Claire below, it couldn’t even put a dent in a dead lobster’s shell. I kid you not.



You guys really need to try it!! Ok, maybe it’s kinda on the pricier side of my usual budgeting for dinners. But I must say it’s totally worth it! Even if I have to save from my meals for months just to bring Claire here again, I would totally do it. I told Claire: let’s celebrate all our anniversaries here from today onwards.

Of course she’ll hit me after I said that, that would make our anniversaries boring, I know how it goes. But hell, I would come back to Pince and Pints again, and nothing can stop me!

Pince & Pints

32-33 Duxton Road
Singapore 089496
Tel: +65 6225 7558

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri : 12pm – 2.30pm & 5.30pm – 11pm
Sat & PH : 12pm – 11pm (All Day)
Open on Public Holidays
Closed on Sundays
Last Order for Kitchen 10pm


-Simon Tey

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