[S-series] So France Opening at Duo Galleria!

Hi Guys,

Its been awhile since its opening on 22 March 2018. Forgive us for the delay, we’ve been so busy with work and play.. More of work though, too much more..

Well anyways, here’s the awesome opening launch of So France!

So France is a bistro/wine bar, epicerie, basically a whole French gastronomic experience ‘compacted’ in the heart of our little country! ‘Little France’ in a shop!


Doors opening, please stand clear.

It was loud, with a small band of instruments and ang mos singing to the songs. Just to be clear, I know next to nothing about the French culture (because I’m really pro-Jap) but I’d say the crowd, the ambiance, all created a warm and cozy place to immerse in yet another different culture in our mix-bag of a city state.

As we made our way through the store, we entered the groceries section and looked at their selection of wines, condiments and snacks. There’s even a cafe section that offer breakfast sets of coffee and croissant for $4.90. Croissant, isn’t that French?


And what’s the best way to immerse in another culture than via its food! And luckily, we were offered food aplenty! Aren’t they a generous people!

Its all food to go with free flow champagne. Ohh that golden bubbly nectar that’s dry as the desert but goes down smooth as silk. Try understanding that people.


So we assembled what we can assemble, some baguette and preserved cuts. Pardon us for not knowing the names of the meat. I guess we were just too busy stuffing ourselves silly and downing all there with sparkling gold.

Just look at her happy face.



And alas, all good things shall come to an end. We gotta go and well, upon leaving from this launch party, we were given a goodie bag with.. Guess what, a BAGUETTE!


I was at first, shocked. I didn’t expect a baguette in a cloth bag, but what the heck. It tastes awesome! All I knew about France is that the baguette there is awesome and you can just eat them as is, preferably fresh out of the oven.


In fact, the bread didn’t survive the journey back home. All digested in my stomach and through my intestines and so on so on so on.


After this encounter at So France, watching all the conversations going on, all the connections between the people from the faraway land and people who were genuinely interested in that faraway land.

So France is the place to go, if you wanna learn anything French. Through their food, mostly. They even conduct cooking workshops for any aspiring home-chef.


To be honest, I would go back just to get the baguette. It rocks so hard.

Simon Tey


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