The Corner Chef Compass One – the Carbonara is good!

I think I’m quite a Caifan person. Because number 1 it is cheap, second I can eat my vegetables and third reason? It reminds me of the time (omg can you believe I teared typing this post) when my Ahma used to cook for me every night.

She still cooks for me now when I visit but keyword is when I visit. Ever since I moved out, I don’t have the luxury to eat home cooked food anymore. 🙁 Simon does cook for me lah, but it’s not like those real home cooked food that your parents or grand parents cooked one.. I’m not complaining okay, I appreciate him cooking for me too.

My initial plan to cook every week also fail because I have too much things to do.

So on days when I got sick of caifan, I will tap out at Sengkang MRT station and start hunting for food at Compass One.

On this particular day, we had dinner at The Corner Chef!

I was feeling fat that day and so I ordered the Pan seared Seabass!

It comes with salad and aglio olio and I thought it was a good and healthy choice! The seabass was tender and very fresh. Crispy skin and tender meat. This is how I like my fish to be prepared yay!

Simon, on the other hand had the Carbonara with Egg Yolk and crispy bacon and it was so creamy and so GOOD. 

We ordered a flat white to share and I’m so happy because they include my favourite lotus caramel biscuit. :p

Will definitely return to try the other dishes on their menu! They previously have this promotion whereby you can enjoy 40% on weekdays from 1130am to 5pm. If you happened to pass by Compass One you might want to give this place a visit! 🙂


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