Afternoon tea at Brasserie Les Saveurs St. Regis Hotel & went to a perfume making workshop with the girls!

I am finally blogging about this. These sets of photos are in my MSI and I am currently using my Macbook. I think this is the problem with working with 2 laptops, not sure where my photos are..

So last year around November or December we went to St. Regis for high tea and followed by making perfume at Je T’aime Perfume workshop for Pinky’s Hen Party!

I think what we planned is pretty decent, because those that I heard are like super crazy. Like go pubs or bars and talk to random strangers or kissing or etc. Like you know play those truth or dare games? LOL. This is definitely not suitable for Pinky. haha.

So we went to Brasserie Les Saveurs on a Saturday and we paid about $53++ person, from 3pm to 5pm. We chose this place because of the atas setting and of course good reviews online.

 photo pinky1_zpsrygzsda3.jpg

 photo pinky2_zpslf0z4nsy.jpg

 photo pink3.jpg_zps2xbtsn6j.jpg

smiley balloon for Pinky!

 photo pink4_zpsyy2bqg5o.jpg

The interior.

 photo pink5_zps4boi2fs6.jpg

Daphy and Pinky!

 photo pink6_zpsrggwr2gf.jpg

 photo pink7_zpsguaoenrn.jpg

Our floral crowns and corsage from Candiiflorals!

 photo pink8_zpsnin9fy7o.jpg

 photo pink9_zpseoatlmf8.jpg

Selection of tea.

 photo pink10_zpsukouieji.jpg

and drinks

 photo pink11_zpswovkfhpm.jpg

 photo pink12_zpsrgqi2ebt.jpg

 photo pink13_zpskqqzzvmg.jpg

the buffet spread

 photo pink14_zps26jaomov.jpg

 photo pink15_zpsswzfpp7u.jpg

 photo pink16_zpspj06khd8.jpg

 photo pink17_zpseqtjemkm.jpg


 photo pink18_zpsypqdezid.jpg


 photo pink19_zpsoehcgff1.jpg

 photo pink20_zps18zufsfj.jpg

 photo pink21_zpsglcrfmyh.jpg

bread pudding!

 photo pink22_zps1pnlamm2.jpg

 photo pink23_zpsf7zpw3kv.jpg

chocolate fondue!

 photo pink24_zpsrmlb409t.jpg


 photo pink25_zps0rlbwiyb.jpg

Our three tierred silver stand for 2 to share.

 photo pink26_zpszyc6lcbu.jpg

 photo pink27_zpsae6mukvp.jpg

 photo pink28_zpsjhkiqc2s.jpg

sweet delights

 photo pink29_zpseuhremna.jpg

savory treats

 photo pink30_zpsfen8vfjp.jpg

and finger sandwiches

 photo pink31_zpsrymkj4ch.jpg

 photo pink32_zpskjo0x8eq.jpg

My favourite was the eclair and the sandwiches, and from the spread the salmon obviously!

I thought the spread was alright only, but I really love the place. Very beautiful and lovely!

After our buffet we went to 90 Goodman Road for the perfume workshop by Je T’aime Perfumery!

 photo pink33_zps1u1jptga.jpg

 photo pink34_zpsgquyngf3.jpg

Thanks Daphy for bringing us! We started off by doing a ‘How well do you know the bride’ quiz hahaha! Omg I did this better than Jiaxin when I only know Pinky for a few months okayyy..

 photo pink35_zps1vbi0tey.jpg

We were asked to do a Perfume Personality Quiz next before we can start working on our perfume. I was quite happy with my result because yes I’m quite exotic and boyish in a way lol!

 photo pink36_zpsjlhhafro.jpg

we have like 40+ perfume oils to choose from and to be honest, my nose was going numb! hahaha.

 photo pink37_zpszpbitvnl.jpg

 photo pink38_zpsj211a3bv.jpg

From our results, we also get to find out how many drops from each oil category we should put into our sample.

There are 5 types of perfume oils, Floral, Oriental, Woody, Citrus and Fresh. For mine, I had to put 9 drops from the floral selection, 18 drops from oriental, 9 drops from woody, 9 drops from citrus and 12 drops from the fresh selection.

 photo pink39_zpsiysa0q5r.jpg

we can make 3 samples in total and take home our favourite one in an actual perfume bottle!

 photo pink40_zpsmveg5pzf.jpg

This is the sample.

 photo pink41_zpskj6xoarl.jpg

 photo pink42_zpskjhhr5iw.jpg

When the 3 samples are done, we chose our favourite scent and continue adding drops into our actual sized perfume bottle. For the perfume bottle, we have to x10 for every drop we put into the sample! We had to do like a few hundred drops for this! I think this explains why we were there until 10pm+ from 7pm!

They have different workshops for couple, individual and even corporate team bonding! Maybe I can try the couple one next! If you’re interested in this go check out . 😀

It was a very fun outing! Just for your information, this post is late and Pinky is already married. 🙂 very sad that Pinky is leaving us in a week’s time but it’s okay we will meet again. 🙂

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