Bali D2P2: Blue point beach, Single Fin Cafe Bar and Uluwatu Temple!

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David was right when he told me that I will love this place. 😀  photo 37_zpsaompbvbg.jpg

We had our lunch at Single Fin where we had good food with an amazing view. This place also overlooks one of best Bali’s surf spots, the Blue Point Beach! (Suluban Beach)

Pantai Suluban, Jl. Labuan Sait, Uluwatu, Kuta Selatan, Pecatu, Kuta Sel., Bali, Indonesia

 photo 38_zps1ywnqll1.jpg

We stayed here for a full 2 hours. The weather was good, the view was really amazing and I just felt really relaxed and calm sitting there.

 photo 41_zpsksdbe7ja.jpg

I ordered a salad for lunch because I can’t help but to feel guilty for having that heavy meal the previous day and Simon as usual ordered burger and fries. This guy always order burger and fries!

Here’s also the menu for your reference. I think the pricing is pretty acceptable.

 photo 43_zpsra724z98.jpg

 photo 44_zpsk9n2njpy.jpg

 photo 45_zpsfua6dclu.jpg

I ordered coconut but it is not that sweet.

 photo 46_zpsi5xkorns.jpg

Here’s my pesto chicken salad.

 photo 47_zpsostfy3xj.jpg

His chicken burger and wedges!

 photo 48_zps1p2jf14w.jpg

Our view…

 photo 49_zpsg6lsym3r.jpg

David met up with us afterwards and helped us to take a shot outside Single Fin before bringing us to Uluwatu Temple. They have such a cute background for couple shot!

And here we are at the next location, Uluwatu Temple. This is one of the must visit because not every temple is perched on top of a steep cliff. Another must visit is Tanah Lot and I will share soon too.

Whatever you’re wearing should at least cover your knee. But they will provide sarungs and sashes at the entrance too. I was wearing a maxi dress but David gave me the sarung anyway. The sarungs and sashes are free, and you just need to pay the entrance fees.

 photo 50_zpsuzl0yat9.jpg

walking along the pathway and taking shots here and there. We were early and couldn’t wait for the sunset. I heard the sunset view is amazing.

 photo 51_zps9dwyxopz.jpg

 photo 52_zpsk0ct2m50.jpg

 photo 53_zpshjzdu3zl.jpg

 photo 54_zpsmgdtjwiq.jpg

Love this shot but look at his eyes!!

 photo 55_zpsnckfncrw.jpg

Awkward face because we are not used to others taking photos of us HAHA.

 photo 56_zpszzmeicmf.jpg

 photo 57_zpszezejpmf.jpg

We didn’t go in by the way, honestly I don’t remember why too but we just walked around the temple.

 photo 58_zps321zgikv.jpg

Looking down can be quite scary.

 photo 63_zpsht8o3pno.jpg

Uluwatu Temple opens daily from 8am to 8pm and the entrance is $3 per person. Another highlight of this place is the Kecak dance that starts everyday at 6pm. We didn’t wait for that but maybe next time. I heard it is very loud and full of Bali history so if you’re interested in history and culture do wait for the dance when you go next time!

It’s $10 per pax to watch the Kecek dance and if it rains, they will perform indoor but of course it won’t be as nice as the outdoor performance. So if it rains, don’t buy the tickets for the show.

and also quote from Achmed:

we have the best stage to watch dancing in Bali…. open view stage with sunset and temple view. 


So if you want to watch the Kecek dance, the total fee for per pax would be $13.

 photo 64_zpsrg3m4cto.jpg

It was very crowded that day and I couldn’t get a good shot of the temple. Simon probably has the picture but I don’t dare to ask him for it. hahhaa because he has like thousands of photos to edit now. 😡

 photo 65_zpss8sac5ma.jpg

And here’s a guide for you!

  1. Pay entrance ticket
  2. To be dressed neatly and properly
  3. I don’t understand point 3 
  4. Women who are having period can only go to the steps of the temple
  5. Keep the environment clean.

Left the place and went for souvenirs and grocery shopping at Discovery Shopping mall. Right infront of the mall there is a beautiful beach too. Seriously Bali LOL.

 photo 66_zpsw9lkhnhq.jpg

Beaches everywhere. 😀

 photo 67_zpsk2tjzmxy.jpg

 photo 68_zpsii6gq4lx.jpg

David drove us back to our villa and we went swimming. Not exactly swimming because the pool is not big enough.

 photo 69_zpsmzr8mzfc.jpg

 photo 70_zpsbkqz0geq.jpg

 photo 71_zpsjreqisgn.jpg

And here I am ending our day 2! Day 3 I will touch on Bali Zoo, Mount Batur and more!

Till the next time people! 😀
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