Olive Bakery! CNY goodies, Salted Egg Pineapple tarts & best waffle!

I love Olive Bakery! It is near our place, sells a wide variety of bread, have the best peanut butter waffle!! and I recently just ordered salted egg pineapple tarts from them! Yes I know this must sounds weird but I tried the sample and it was pretty decent!

 photo IMG_3996_zpsadrczlz6.jpg

I think they have 2-3 outlets in Singapore and the Fernvale outlet focus on baking bread and the other 2, biscuits, cookies and pastries.

 photo IMG_3997_zpsnialjvgu.jpg

Gluten free loaves are available upon request.
Most items are vegetarian friendly.
No pork No lard.
Some pastries and cakes contain no alcohol.

They recently also started baking coconut, redbean and kaya buns (those 4buns in 1packet type) due to customers’ requests.

 photo IMG_3416_zpsjfmt3set.jpg

nah.. lemme show you some of the bread!

 photo IMG_3417_zpsajch0q1m.jpg

Rose red bean bun.

 photo IMG_3425_zpsrrbajdr8.jpg

 photo IMG_3421_zpsetvopps6.jpg

 photo IMG_3420_zpsd6orl7ts.jpg

Chocolate Caramel Banana!

 photo IMG_3419_zpsscvs4wdj.jpg

 photo IMG_3426_zpsbxk96vwr.jpg

 photo IMG_3423_zpsxbaxkoqo.jpg

 photo IMG_3424_zpsantdutd5.jpg

Apple bun!

 photo IMG_3422_zpsmhhnokba.jpg

Cinnamon bun!

 photo IMG_3770_zpsujol6wkn.jpg

 photo IMG_3771_zpsbhvsnkbs.jpg


 photo IMG_3990_zpssvlifihy.jpg

Mexico Chocolate Bun

 photo IMG_4901_zpsznc06tyg.jpg

 photo IMG_3998_zpsotgdj9qr.jpg

Pandan cheese roll! Good too but the one from Bengawan Solo is still the best!

 photo IMG_3999_zps8mkuz03h.jpg

 photo IMG_5590_zps6dkstzim.jpg

latest addition! Already tried these chocolate cookies and they tasted very old school and yummy!

 photo IMG_5589_zps3xr6fqgj.jpg

Salted egg lotus, salted egg red bean and portuguese tarts!

 photo IMG_5591_zpssqia8tjq.jpg

Sweet tau sa pia, salty tau sa pia, kaya puff and BBQ floss roll.

 photo IMG_5598_zpsfi5gzuei.jpg

 photo IMG_5599_zpsaeycetas.jpg

Chinese new year goodies!!

 photo IMG_6882_zpsyl7cejci.jpg

I just heard from the auntie that they are currently having a promotion from 1Jan to 15Jan, oh my yes today is the last day and not sure if they are extending!

Promo as follow:

Buy 4 containers for $38.40! One is $9.60! If you are interested do give them a call to check! 

We tried the Love letters, Honeycomb, Cuttlefish Seaweed Roll and Sesame Peanut balls and they tasted good! The love letters, cuttlefish seaweed roll and sesame peanut balls are damn addictive man!

 photo IMG_6507_zpsy9r9hgvu.jpg

and here is the highlight of the day! I bought Salted egg Pineapple tart from them at $22! It was supposed to be $19 but I ordered later so the price becomes $22.

I also realized that they listed a deal on groupon!! ahhh 2 for $27.20! tsk lol.

 photo IMG_6880_zpsqj9fiqaf.jpg

 photo IMG_6881_zpskenjqupf.jpg

 photo IMG_6508_zpsw59glw71.jpg

Finally the last photo of the day. The WAFFLE. I always see customers ordering their waffles!

My personal favourite as well! I love their waffle because it is so crispy and shiok! I just had one this afternoon! I personally like the waffle with peanut butter because it is so dope and good! I don’t know where they get the peanut butter from but it’s so creamy and salty! lol.

Just for the record, I’m not being sponsored for this post! I really like them. 🙂 Will try their carrot cakes and cupcakes next time and share with you again!

Contact them:
Blk 473A Fernvale Street, #01-04 Tel: 66340902
Blk 122A Edgedale plans, #01-185 Tel: 63863577