If Only I Could 十年…你还好吗? channel 8 9pm drama – Rui en gain weight for the role

Coming up next after the truth seekers would be If Only I could 十年…你还好吗? This drama stars Elvin Ng, Paige Chua, Rui En, Andie Chen, Tracy Lee, Rynn Lim, Hayley Woo, Hong Huifang, Youyi, Lin Meijiao, Li Wenhai and will air on 31st May.

This is a time traveling suspense drama which reminds me of this very old drama that Jeanette Aw acted in.. it’s called BEYOND X元素. I was a calefare in this show by the way, and it was my first time meeting li nan xiang and jeanette aw. Actually acting has always been my interest but I just didn’t pursue this career. The money being paid for a calefare can be quite little too. lol! Of course it’s a very fun experience. :p

And if you ask me how I started being a calefare?? I have no idea man. I just received a call one day and I just went and try for it. Maybe I submitted my contacts before or something. I think I’m still okay to act if they call me. cos it is really fun LOL

Rui En put on 4 kg for this drama and it’s definitely something new. To me she is always the skinny, cool and chic girl. So with the new transformation I’m quite excited to see how auntie can she go. It has been long since I see Elvin Ng on 9pm drama leh.. and there’s my favourite paige chua too! 😀

Update 15 June: Hi people I’m back to share with you my thoughts on this drama. OH MY GOD Elvin Ng, (Degang) is damn evil in this show. I don’t remember he acted as the bad guy before but in this show he’s really not bad. He looked quite mean with the beard and spectacles.

So to summarise up, ruien (Chen Zhenhao) and paige chua (Xiwen) time travelled back to 2006, which is 10 years ago to start their lives all over again. Instead of improving their lives, they met up with alot more misfortunes like Andie Chen (Daxian)’s mother fall to her death and Tracy Lee (Liu kaiqin) having a secret affair with degang when she is xiwen’s best friend!

Although Zhenhao sister is leading a better life right now, she and daxian relationship are in trouble because daxian’s mother has passed away. Zhenhao was being blamed for reporting the loanshark to the police, which indirectly caused the mother to run away from the loan shark and accidentally fell to her death.

Today Lin sen and zhenhao will get intimate after drinking too much, I was thinking maybe she will get pregnant from this and zijun becomes lin sen’s one??

Xiwen thought her life could be better was wrong because degang followed her and found out that she was from 2016. He thought she was selfish to ask for break up when they could have solve the problems together. So now I think he’s planning a revenge or something. The one thing I most cannot tahan is his affair with kaiqin, that’s unforgivable because she is Xiwen’s best friend! Xiwen will be so heartbroken when she find out.

Tomorrow Zhenhao is going to commit suicide and the pregnant xiwen while driving will bump into Daxian’s vehicle. sigh… seems like more sad things gonna happen… let’s wait for tomorrow. one thing for sure is that I really like this show even though I’m annoyed. -_-

28th June – pretty depressing leh i feel. their lives just got worse. I think on the last episode it feels like daxian died after xiwen tried to go back to 2006. I also don’t get it why degang must die. -.-! But I really hate that he had a son with kaiqin!!!! I think they should have a part 2 to this show though.. at least let them go back to the original 2016 again mah! so that they can appreciate and treasure their loved ones more. sigh..

Let’s hope the dream job is good.