What’s next?

Hey ho!

I’m sitting at home right now, sulking. I bloody hate international business. This module is the worst to date. Want to chop chop finish my exam then I can have some rest.

By the way I realized that one of my elective, International Human Resource Management (sorry maybe you all don’t know what I’m talking about) only has morning classes for the next semester. This is not good, because I might not be able to work already. Huizhen also has the same problem for one of her modules, some timing problems also. what is this man..

Shall monitor the situation first and see how it goes. Also, this semester I’m not focusing at all. Every lesson I go there and sleep, which is unlike me. I’m so scared that I will fail but so far my assignments results still score alright. I don’t know why am I so tired. I’m not doing anything tedious at all..

Anyway I just want to update this space, to let you know I’m still alive la haha. I know I’ve been saying sorry for too many times! I have just one more semester to freedom, patience..

Coming up I will be sharing some stuffs too, like what I’ve been taking and applying, new makeup essential and my latest favourite perfume!! I will also talk about diet and weight loss.

Till the next, take care! ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo 1555377_10205161819019537_6459154267671252262_n_zpsl6tit0lx.jpg

Im nervous about meeting him, because he is not who I thought he was already. The pictures he send me I feel so weird. I can’t imagine calling you by that ‘name’. I thought contacting him again will allow me to have more faith in relationship, but it proves to be wrong.