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Recently my cravings are pretty bad, (no I’m not pregnant). So that day we were at Funan and I was so hungry that I suggest to eat Bak Kut Teh, I never suggest eating this before lol as it concerns rice.

So I bet Simon is a little bit surprised but we went there anyway. I was looking forward to the chilli and the black sauce thing but when the food was served, I feel that the soup looks a little bit weird, like too ‘milky’ like that.

Then I tried the youtiao, the soup and the ribs and I feel kinda sick because it’s very oily and fattening. You know when the ribs are mostly fatty meat, gosh I really hate that. The soup is probably boiled with the fatty meat and lard which explains why it looks so light and cloudy.

I love eating you tiao with the soup BUT the you tiao there was super oily. I couldn’t finish the food because it’s too oily and jelat, and I even feel nauseous after the meal. :/

Apparently it is quite popular but it’s just not to my taste. I said this because Simon says the you tiao quite shiok so ok lor. I think it’s me. :/

I think it will taste super awesome if it is less oily.

You tried before? Lemme know what you think. Sorry if you are a fan because we just have different taste. 🙂 peace.

With love