Wedding Planning EP6 – Less than 100days to go


Sorry haven’t been updating this space, my body had been so itchy and I’m feeling a little depressed. :/ I’m going to visit polyclinic and try to do a lab test. Really v worried about the spots on my body =(

Anyway this post should be updating about our wedding planning so let’s get into it!

Saturday we went to Amara Sanctuary Sentosa to meet our sales manager and manage to get the answers to some of our queries. His name is Alan Sim, super friendly guy! Give us a lot of tips and allow me to take photos of the rom that was going on while we were there..

This is their ‘entrance’ decoration..

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-10at42958pm_zps28b2ddbc.jpg
 photo ScreenShot2014-11-10at91044am_zps9c8b60b4.jpg
We also check out our room and this is the pool (above) and our view (maybe) I’m thinking of upgrading our room to lark hill suite instead so i will update you again!

We DIY our invitation cards, will show the design after it’s send out! 

Second, I’m waiting for party perfect to get back to me on our decor and rates, so maybe about a week more or so.. 🙂

Third, I went to Doris to check on my dress! I’m starting to love it except for the sleeves, think the next time I go should be ok liao.. Getting a little bit excited for the actual day.. haha.

Then on Sunday!

We went to cineleisure to meet up with our JP (justice of peace), he is Simon Sim. Maybe the surname SIM gives us luck. LOL..

He asked us to take a 5min personality test, in general, the result was: me to be less friendly after marriage and simon to take more initiative haha!

Actually I’m a very friendly person but I don’t think I am a social butterfly, I kind of dislike crowd. :/ Simon Sim also asks Simon not to tie me at home, haha. must let me do the things I want but ‘with a string’. You understand? haha.

By the way we did not go for pre marriage counselling, we just don’t feel like doing it.. what about you did you go for it and does it help you in any way?

I would love to know and if possible please Share with me! =D

I will update this space again and bye!

With love,