[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep9: Its been 1 year since we went to Japan.

Wanna check out my japan travelogue? You can click here and link on. 🙂


Both me and Claire are both in dire need for a holiday away from home. We need a change of pace… its been one full year since we last went on a trip, and this reality has been bugging me for a while now, but we really don’t have that spare cash for trips now..

1. Wedding
2. HDB Renovation
3. Holiday…….

 photo _jpeg IMG_0059-Edit_zpsesrjtjc0.jpg

I remember we went there for 5 days, spent 2 days at Nikko and the rest of the time in Tokyo. But what we both agreed on is that Nikko was so much more fun. Tokyo is a beautiful city. But thats just what it is, a city loh. What u expect from a city is what u would see over there, we live in a city all our lives anyways. Not that it doesn’t have its unique vibes, and we haven’t explored it all, too big an area to cover in 3 days..

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We walk around in Nikko, took public transport and all we can see were mountains, trees and buildings less than 3 storeys tall so that we can see the mountains and trees. Erm lol.. We miss Japan so much we keep going to local japanese restaurants for quick fixes. But it doesn’t really help lah actually. Most places over here have “Singaporeanized japanese cuisine”. Can’t get that authentic taste.

 photo D1000002_zpsh9n7o8su.jpg but this place is verh nice tho. Offering Jap style and western style pasta choices.

But then ah come to think of it we ate mostly bentos from convenience shop when we’re there, so what we missed should be the bentos not restaurant fares. Lol. Was there on a tight budget, but still had lots of fun.. sigh…

Although we only visited a couple of places over there, the Japanese people are highly discipline in that they really made an effort to keep the place clean and tidy. Its like everyone doing the same thing you know? Its cleaner than Singapore minus the number of cleaners we have here. Everyone is considerate, only inconsiderate people were us foreigners. We have a lot to learn from them….

Bring us back to Japan please.