[Simonseries] Self-proclaimed otaku ep2: Sad and Moldy Ex-Girlfriends (figurines)

Hi welcome to Someone’s Shameful Past.

Long long long ago, the policemen didn’t wear shorts (find link to wikipedia) for awhile now, at an island at the Southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula, in an apartment within a new HDB town, there lives a ‘mopeng’ boy who has yet to experience anything that resembles what… a ‘smaller than’ sign and a ‘3’ combined together… signifies. Ok lah I mean ‘love’ you know?

Of course this topic is rather subjective, sometimes even if you have a girlfriend, or a… guyfriend… you may or may not experience ‘love’ too. Only you yourself know best. And thats also why this boy lives in an illusion of it in the form or big-eyed kawaii cartoon characters those Japs conjured up…. and so the story goes..

This boy, he would go to Comics Connection everyday after school, after he book out from army, after work, to look for new comic releases. He plays video games in female characters because he can imagine thats his girl doing his bidding. He used to run to the nearest bus stop after school so he can reach home earlier to log on to his game. Madness, this boy is crazy. Spend hours watching animes and after each series he finishes he will buy a new figurine of his new target of infatuation (thats how he spend his army allowance, lucky his unit pays him more…). Its so serious that he would strive to run faster during IPPT to get a better incentive to satisfy his lust (of buying a new figurine imported from the land of the rising sun), I mean, you know, people run either for their own personal achievement or just to pass and settle this troublesome requirement. Either this or that. This guy run for his figurines.

Obsessed with all these cute stuff, he finally fell in love with a cute animes character type cute girl, a real live girl not delusions or illusions, on one of his part-time jobs. Thats when all his ex-girlfriends (figurines) got neglected, sad and moldy…

 photo 2014-08-23 03.10.44 1_zpsf9kkrpyg.jpg

P.S. I dunno who the hell is this person, I dunno anyone this disgustingly obsessed with such things, what a loser hor? Tsk tsk tsk, lucky not me.

Simon the ex-otaku

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