Food tasting @ Nana’s Green Tea

I was invited to Nana’s Green Tea for food tasting and I’m so excited cos I’ve been wanting to go there like forever???
If you are fan of Matcha like me then you have to come here.
Nana’s has over 40 food items ranging from Udon to sushi as well. Who doesnt like Green tea? Green tea is full of anti oxidant and other benefits! Boost your metabolism tooo!

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even though I wanted something chocolatey i didn’t ordered. LOL

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There’s lunch promo too!

Me and Simon were so hungry we can’t wait to order. lol!

As always, drinks first!

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Matcha Azuki without Whip Cream (Hot) $9
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cant wait to taste it when I was posing for this
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there are redbeans and mochi inside.

The redbeans and mochi taste rather natural, not too sweet, it gives me an idea that it could be healthy. LOL. And the mochi is so chewy!!! Bad for my wires but I like!

 photo 9_zpsbc8c26d0.jpg
Hoji Cha (roasted green tea)

Well, the bf’s not a fan of fancy drinks, and I mocked at him. LOL. I took back my words and throw away my pride after admitting that drinking his tea does help with digestion after the crazy full meal.

For STARTERS, we had

 photo SAM_1195_zpseed60ad9.jpg
Salmon Carpaccio

If there’s salmon sashimi on a menu, I will definitely order. The salmon are thick and fresh albeit a little salty. I think Nana’s very generous with sauce/dressings.

 photo SAM_1199_zps82a17f00.jpg
Yummy yummy $8.80
 photo SAM_1201_zpse1e12592.jpg
ahhhhhhhh, my bf knows i love salmon hehehe.

Next dish,

 photo aNNFaNKxr3DwdQpHcvoqtG0eyHLB_B8FVTLnT1TivoY_zps4fd41de4.jpg
Prawn & Broccoli Salad

Okay, i like broccoli and i love corns, thats probably why we ordered this. The prawns are big and juicy which is good but the mayo are too much! FYI, i hate mayo alot. As much as I like the prawns and corns, I got jelat cos of the mayo. :/ You can order this if you’re a mayo fan!

Time for main dish! To be honest, I got full after the salmon and my matcha. But I still need to keep eating because the rice bowl looked delish!

 photo SAM_1198_zps38b53f67.jpg
Chicken Nanban

Awesome chicken, but again, too much sauce. I would totally order this again and asked for no sauce. ๐Ÿ˜€

 photo FoLXgXO9JUHKkZJIXuxFsQjhx1DvOj7Hepp0YSxAQvUorse462K9SxjjLswu4JzuLomVAoEkOzfPs2Ga0YuDBI_zps248ad2fc.jpg
Locomoko Don

The partner’s order?

Egg with beef is totally a bomb. I fell in love with locomoko.

 photo zYLYLmQ53Jrrsk8uiIrDs4rnRmZuXLnYpZK3s9nxB9M5oet7rqOrcqxaBIsQbrv1hg5sxE84N_d8KnKxO31-7E_zpse0942ece.jpg
Love eating good food, so happy!

After my starters and main dish, it’s time for dessert! I dont understand how people can always have space for desserts, starters are already enough for me to shout, I’m so full!

 photo SAM_1204_zps3f9c83f8.jpg

We decided on Matcha Anmitsu. Recommended and seemed light enough.

 photo i8bnksaY6ihrqmiEVwHPVzEu6ejexIQgnQRM_1WHByseraTeL6EKeaO-T84wW7wrtmznwBpLSu-f45ibGJuHGE_zpsb8f99e05.jpg

 photo smX4OKDPM
Brown sugar syrup is the bombdiggity

Green tea icecream and redbeans, I can totally eat them everyday.

It was a wonderful night, and I totally never regret going because I cross out one of my to-dos and the food’s good!

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The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura 60B, Orchard Road, #03-80/82

Thank you NANA for inviting me for this food tasting, I would go back again for sure! ๐Ÿ˜€