Delcie Desserts

It’s mid weeek! Can’t wait for weekends!

 photo XWLFoFGZ6c6qNV4jaViqvhJ8Vqbx32vW8JA9juizsWg_zpsddd833c5.jpg

So that day I was saying about the healthy cake from Delcie’s? I think i am a fool to not take a close up photo of the cake!! But I took a pic of the box. LOL! It’s actually pricey for a small cake to cost $50, but it’s all worth it to eat healthy right? Delcie’s at Serangoon though. I would like to try out their other flavours tooo! 😀

 photo RGoJmQeaiI9WJ9sbZJ5kcLqFgVTJJ4vEtypBHZ_UwIY_zps5b6a8415.jpg