Food for thought @ Botanics Gdn.

This month I spend alot!!!
Sourcing venues = spending money! lol. But I finally settled on the location. hoho! Now I’m thinking about the decor! So fun So fun!

Not much lunch pics becos somedays are like more or less the same.

drumstick from chicken soup and 2types of veggies.
cai por egg, meat and chap cai

I really cannot live without veg-gies.

A bla pic of myself! HAHA, messy hair got its own advantages.

Last saturday went to Botanics Gdn again! (OOPS i realized i haven update our wedding spoof photos.) If you follow me on fb you will see la. Otherwise you just have to wait for me to blog about it. HAHA.)

Food for thought @ Botanics GardenΒ is so spacious here.

 photo IMG_20130316_144045_zps713fbd88.jpg

 photo IMG_20130316_145153_zps94949726.jpg


Breakfast for $20! We shared this cos the portion was huge.
and 2 big pancakes WEEE, with gula melaka so special!
hate the gaps, but nvm it will get better. πŸ™‚

One thought on “Food for thought @ Botanics Gdn.

  1. Do you have wisdom teeth which requires extractions (Your dentist extract how many teeth) ? Maybe you can consider filing your teeth to make it rectangular to close the gaps more throughly as Rachelltan did that for her gaps to be smaller after braces..

    extract 4. πŸ™‚ i still have 3-4 more to extract. (wisdom tooth) yes, my dentist already helped me to file. thank you! πŸ™‚

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