Mylife – I’m a lucky girl

I think the title of this post is quite crap but I do think I’m very lucky! HAHA. maybe it’s the help of the secret?
I don’t know what I did in my previous life that I got myself a super nice bf. But I wanna thank the previous life me! =)

August is a crazy month, September-Jan is internship time. Jan is a special month, feb a special month too and APRIL IS GRADUATION!


my weird face appeared on shinmin paper. LOL. i dun like how they call people ‘nv lang’ sound so wrong.

And my bf travels all the way from hougang just to cook fish for me, cos he says i need protein! LOL He even bought me pumpkin and lettuce for my minerals and vitamins intake. LOL <3


Once again FOOD FOOD FOOD.

I do not remember which sunday is this but yes we went chong pang again! ehhehe
coffeeshop near my house, i think dimsum nowadays are getting more and more exp.

and fast forward tooooooo NATIONAL DAY!

ju on 3

i think i only went NDP once in my 22years. maybe i should go next year? ermmm..

So I went to Boonlay on national day, FTs are everywhere i wonder why?
I travel all the way from yishun to boonlay to get my darling’s bday gift, yes im so sweet HAHA. here i mean my darling is huizhen!

We comb all the levels in jurong point and decided to go Carl’s Junior instead, lol! super random but really too long never eat.


my bf is too crazy over camera stuffs, i do hope that my kids are not named nicole (nikon), kenneth (canon), i cant think of a name for pentax T.T
yes me! i will blog about my pathetic front tooth soon, super sad =(
and then i decided that since i dun wan to take too many shots of me smiling, i will use frenchfries to cover my mouth LOL! and this is a long fries! HAPPY

Not going BKK in september already because I need to save for January, omg toooo excited!

Till the next post, =)

sorry i know i haven been blogging about how to lose weight, running out of topics, come shoot me some!

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