Mylife: short update – FOOD

Last week was a really unhealthy week because I really spam alot of food. I didn’t regret it because this week I guess i will be eating all the watery and soft food haha!

YEA! i put on my braces with IDENTAL!

the previous saturday..

the bf was shocked when I told him i wanted to eat popeyes. i haven eat fast food for 4months.


i really didnt know the mash potato is so yummy! hehehe.

after that we went to bugis, wanted to get spare battery for my phone but didnt manage to find a cheap one.
went to yakun to have 2nd round of dinner.

we also bought a interior design magazine to accompany our meal.

we were discussing about the design of our future home! SO SO SO EXCITED!

soft boiled eggs i like!

i ordered iced horlick and i nearly puke. then i drank iced lemon tea again. LOL i swear im damn full!

the rest of the week is all about food again. and i will blog about it. many posts coming up and today’s just a short post! hehe. come back tomorrow 😉