[review] Redken HairSpray and Dryshampoo!


yay i did some review- Redken Hair products 😀



The first I try on is this powder refresh, it’s sort of a spray. Basically it is a dry shampoo!
tell you what, I actually can’t stand not washing my hair for a day! Cos I just feel weird and oily!
So I was rather hesitant to use this, but there was this day whereby I was late for school!
I’m left with no choice right? So I try this product out!

this is that type of just-wake-up-no-time-to-wash plus dry hair!

Usually if i never wash my hair which is always due to running late, my scalp will get very oily and by the end of the day, i already look like i just oiled my hair! Another thing is that my hair will get very very messy without washing!

But surprisingly, this hair product makes my hair feel like I just wash it! My scalp feels refreshed instantly and i did not have oily scalp at all even until night time!

good for people who don’t wash their hair in the morning! 😀

the next product!


with some spare time i play with make up and at the same time try out this product 😀
this HAIRSPRAY is super strong!

i super hate curling my hair, u know why? Because i spend one hour curling my hair, and at the end of this one hr! my hair all become straight again. i risk sweating because my dressing table is not in my room and im super pissed whenever i experienced that!


but this product really helped my curls to stay!


I think i got too much positive energy lately, or I really love this hairspray that I put all my energy into it, i shampooed and conditioned my hair after the reviews and went to sleep.

THE NEXT MORNING I WOKE UP MY HAIR IS IN CURLS. it was really shocking cos i seldom see myself looking chio early in the morning! hahahaha, alright maybe something happened during my sleep but still this hairspray is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

Thank you Redken! <3

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  1. Hi, can I know where to get the Redken dry shampoo? Don’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

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