Mylife – Good boyfriend

I was reading some websites the other day about how a good boyfriend should be, and I thought about my own. And I feel that I’m super lucky.

1. He dun do things that you dislike even though he really need to do it.
2. After a quarrel, he cabbed down to your place, (can be midnight), just to get rid of the unhappy feelings. (this can be good or bad)
3. He thinks about the future.
4. He follow wherever u go unless you dun wan him to.

5. You are always his priority, even though he’s tired, he’s got a appointment or he’s busy.

1. He allowed you to do whatever you want even though he really hate it, he refused first but knowing that you will be angry or sad, he give in and feel upset deep inside. (but usually i feel sad and I decided to not do it)

6. He only feel happy when he’s out when you’re around and he only want to go to places where you’re going to be around.

6. He surprised you with small gifts when he knows you are stress, and he travels all the way from his place to your place to give you a little card or some cookies.
7. He buy snacks and chocolates for you when you are having PMS. once again travel all the way just to give the tidbits.
8. He travels all the way from his place to yours to cook you fish or chicken so that you can get enough protein, when he heard that you are hungry and there’s no food in your house, he even buy groceries to stock up in your refrigerator.
9. He bear with all your unhappiness and scoldings when you are having PMS, and even though not PMS, but mood swings.

10. He helps you with anything you need.

11. He does everything for you even though things that he don’t know, he learns, just because of you.
11. He shop online to get clothes for you and send to your mail box.
12. He pays everything for you when it’s none of his business and expect no returns. (but i insist must pay back)
13. He sacrifice his chance to go to university because he wants to help you financially.
14. He don’t buy cards for you, he hand make it from scratch.
15. He write down things that happened between the two of you in his mini diary.
16. He has a notebook that record things that you said that you want so he can buy to surprise you.
17. He get really happy when you treat him to a meal.
18. He get really happy when you asked to go out with him.
19. He get really happy when he sees you and can finally hug you, even once, he’s also satisfied. And because of this one time, he can travel all the way from his place to yours.

20. No matter what he’s doing, he will fight his way out just to come to you if he knows you are very sick and something happens to you.

He forgives you no matter how wrong you are because he love you so much.

He only wants to take pictures of you.
He looks at you and tell you how beautiful and cute you are every time he looks at you.
He must get you the things you want and then he is satisfied and happy.
He only wants you and need you in his life aside from his family.
He worried that you will get bored of him or he’s not good enough for you.
He improves on things that you mentioned that you don’t like (even though he’s already good enough)

He gives in every time even when he’s not in the wrong.

There are still many things he do, it’s like every action there’s a meaning to it. And the purpose is just to let you be happy and for this relationship to last very long.

And the best thing is the above mentioned points never once go away even when we are going to be 5years old. :’)