Event: Nose fillers and botox @ Privé Clinic

I’m sure by now you guys already know that I’ve got a new nose bridge and new ‘eyes’. ~♪ 😀

No, I did not go for plastic surgery although I intend to do that next time 😛 but I went for Aesthetics Enhancement!

ALL thanks to Privé Clinic & Dr Karen Soh!topheader_02

Dr Karen Soh (click to know more about her) is definitely well trained and her interest in aesthetics is sparked off by her desire to help everyone, young and old, look and feel their best at every stage of their lives. 🙂

Other than Age Management, they also provide, Medical Aesthetics and Therapeutic Aesthetics, visit their website to find out more. ^^

Now I shall walk you through the event on 15th December ~♪ (include the photos of my procedure, why you all never rsvp earlier!! 🙁) And thanks Wendy, xinyi, Selynn, Huizhen & Weiling and everyone else for coming! 😀

The moment I step in, I saw this, and I thought, : OH MY, TODAY IS THE DAY! Transformation!

bling bling, ‘sit on me and i will make you prettier’
my heart goes sha la la la, no. is thump thump thump!

not scared, but nervous to see how my eye bags and nose bridge would turn out!
btw I’m okay with my nose, it’s okay, there’s this 45degree angle, side view looks nice, but who don’t want a higher nose right??!?!

My face is not oily, there’s numbing cream (for 30mins) on my entire face, and this picture is taken by huizhen my dearest bff!! 😛

And here’s elizabeth and our mfp videographer!

The last time I saw Elizabeth was like 1yr ago? The day I officially signed my contract with MFP.

Procedure starts now!

Fillers and botox for my eyebags! BYE EYE BAGS!

I’ve mentioned before in my Lancome post, I hate my eyebags alot. The first thing people look at me they go, aiyo why you never sleep ah? :(:( especially XINYI! she always give me a very sad face when she sees my eyebags, OMG! And mine is not one fold, it’s like 2 or 3 folds! So I’m really really happy when I see myself in the mirror now, because my eyes look really LIFTED!!! People will notice my eyes instead of my eyebags, and now I can save up time on photoshopping my eyebags :PP

For the eye, I think because it’s the first procedure, I rate it 0.5/10 for the level of pain. It’s like something poking my eye and it’s painless 😀

Next: NOSE!!! everyone loves their nose to be high and small like angmoh! Mine is typical asian but up abit nose. HAHA. So I requested for a higher nose bridge! Dr Karen Soh did mention my nose is ok before, main problem is my eye bags and she add on with, you should go do your teeth. HAHA! yah i waiting for my braces now ^^

Jab and mould, more injections and mould again! product being used: Juvéderm®

Dr Karen also inject into the tip of my nose to make my nose look perkier 🙂 also the side of my nose, near the laugh lines there, to make my nose appear narrower/slimmer. ^^ :D:D many happy faces! cos now I can look like korean. 😛

Nose filler is very safe as compared to surgery. And you can still achieve your ideal nose through fillers!


an unusually awkward look! cos my face is damn numb, i probably am smiling, but i cant coordinate properly :/

You know what’s my first reaction, I exclaimed! I can’t see the other side of my eyes now! LOl cos the bridge is so high it blocked my vision, at this moment, then I realized this is how angmoh sees things.

Pain level 0.5 still 😛



hahhaa, I felt very happy when people around me all say you already very pretty dont need to do. hahaha! i want to see myself prettier ma… 😛

BOTOX is common and popular nowadays, not only for the slimming effect for the jaw/face.
It also helps to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, and to lift the brows. It works by reducing muscle activity that causes the persistent forming of lines. Safe and effective for most, it is also sometimes used to curb excessive perspiring and even reduce the size of the calves.

Overall for all 3procedures, I rate it 2/10. because probably the numbing effect gone off abit, and I can feel some ant bite on my jaw. But still it’s ant bite! 😀

So yah, if one of the factor that is stopping you is due to the pain, don’t worry because it’s close to painless!

Still got more!! Dr Karen Soh asked for volunteer and Diana (im glad that you read my blog, and sorry if I spell your name wrong :p) volunteered! Also there’s a winner for the lucky draw too, she won herself a lasik skin treatment 😀 woohoo! Sorry I dont have your pic here :/

She did both nose filler and botox!


brave girl! 😀

I bet Diana loves her new nose now and of cos I love mine too! 😀 Im going back to review next week too~ 😛

My nose and ‘eyes’ will last for 1yr, and for botox will last for 4months! I’m still monitoring my jaw, because the effect will show after 2weeks 😀

Thank you all for attending and thanks Privé Clinic for this event! 😀

I went home I snap a photo 😀

2011-12-15 23.02.53_副本

A few days later after no more swelling 😀

2011-12-21 12.01.18_副本

So if you want to enhance your features GO TO Privé Clinic!

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It’s still December so……

* Any 3 areas at 10% off Total costs.
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Act fast!!! 😀

Privé Clinic establishes its reputation as one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand. Privé suits someone of style and substance, wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe. Understanding that being well-groomed and exhibiting quiet confidence is paramount to success, Privé represents their passport to perfection.

Loving comfort in private surroundings, personalised services and quick pick-me-up treatments, Privé’s non and minimally invasive procedures make their day in the office and nights out in town. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Karen Soh, have undoubted belief in research, innovation and safety as being key in unlocking your true beauty inside out.

At Privé, your needs are their first and only priority.


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