Hair extensions! ^^

OHAYO! I’m back from Malaysia!! :):):) <3

Shall update you about what I’m doing lately!

2011-12-12 16.31.02

I love long hair, but my hair sucks at growing! So I decided to go for hair extensions! ^^

2011-12-12 20.02.01

At first I really regret doing because it doesn’t look natural at all! But after some trimming!

2011-12-12 20.12.33
A very lazy and tired day! haha. that explains the mess. And I was having eye infection thats why i’m with shades!

Love my long hair (a total of 323strands) and also let you see my new face!!

2011-12-15 23.02.53
Gonna blog about my fillers and botox @ PRIVE next!