How I curl my hair! (easy)

2011-12-02 22.13.16

Remember I said I curled my hair in this photo?
The thing that I used is actually this.. look below.

2011-12-02 22.01.18_副本

Sponge Hair Curler I bought from SASA, priced $5.90.
Very cute and easy to use! Just need to wet your hair, a little damp will do, and put this sponge onto your hair end and roll up. Let it stay there for awhile and tada. you will have curls on your hair! hahhaa..

I tried it again yesterday! 😀

2011-12-03 17.23.36

2011-12-03 17.22.43

Fun way to curl my hair! hehehe..

BTW FRIDAY FREEBIES WINNER IS OUT! Stay tune for result tomorrow! ^^