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Kinohimitsu PART 2!

I rave about their detox juice  detox juice review and collagen drink before (im taking it now 😛). Today it’s another 2awesome products from Kinohimitsu! They are..

1st: JAPAN UV-BRIGHT DRINK, the right drink to restore your youth and beauty!

UV-BRIGHT is the most effective way to restore FAIR SKIN! Not only on your face BUT your whole body, including the underarms, elbows, tummy, knees, inner thighs and groin.

Kinohimitsu believes that the cause of wrinkled and spotty skin are not caused by aging, but the HARMFUL UV RAYS FROM THE SUN!

These UV rays are harmful because they produce free radicals which attack our skin cells and diminish our skin’s radiance, ultimately causing premature aging!!!

And the 4signs of skin damage are

So, how do you know if you need to take UV BRIGHT anot?

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When you have any of this signs! then your skin is telling you that it needs UV protection!


There’s BB cream in the market, and there’s also BB DRINK!

And what’s so special about this BB drink? It gives you baby-like rosy, healthy and glowing skin!

BB doesn’t only benefit your face, also your entire body, including the back, hands and legs.
Infused with hydrolysed bird’s nest, chicken cartilage and fermented yeast, BB drink is a healthy and effective solution to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate every single cell in your body.

mm Are you having these problems?

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Whisper to myself *I maybe need to buy bb drink also* :X

If you have any one of the signs above and if ALL, then it’s time to take BB drink to help brighten your tired-looking complexion, it also contributes to a more pinkish, luminous and vibrant skin! 😀

To many people, a bright and glowing complexion actually means health and happiness, so if you don’t want to be label as a unhealthy and moody person, then consume BB DRINK! 😀

Collagen, BB drink and Uv bright drink helps us to get back our youth and beauty, so start drinking now, choose the one that suits your conditions! And other than that, the taste is super good! Totally taste like fruit juice! 😀

I love kinohimitsu! <3<3

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