Have smooth and silky hair using PANTENE! (:


Trying to break out the cycle of unhealthy hair?

Join Pantene’s 14day flag-off challenge to hair health today!

Before that, do you know what are the signs of unhealthy hair?

1. Damaged hair with split ends
2. Rough tangled hair
3. Weakened hair with easy breakage
4. Flat dull hair

By joining Pantene’s flag off challenge, you can say goodbye to all the above mentioned signs in 14days!
After telling Claire the main issues of my hair, (frizzy, dry and tangled), they mailed me their smooth and silky range.

2011-11-24 18.58.59
Shampoo, conditioner, and 2 rinse off treatment.

Was abit sceptical about that initially.. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s only my 4th day using Pantene and there’s already significant results! *Different hair color due to lighting*

2011-11-26 17.54.51

2011-11-28 17.26.50
uncombed hair!

Getting softer and smoother, not as easily tangled as before, love touching my hair now!
feel totally like a bimbo!

I’m using..

Both pantene shampoo and conditioner
intensive treatment, havent used the other one yet.

Join me and participate in this 14days challenge! Not only you will break through the cycle of unhealthy hair, you will also be helping women in need to break out of their poverty cycle!

Not only for the purpose of good and healthy hair, it’s also for a good cause!

Through its first-ever global cause initiative, HEALTHY HAIR FOR HEALTHY WATER dedicated to empower women and their worlds to shine through clean drinking water, Pantene has pledged its commitment to health through clean drinking water.

With every participant that signs up for pantene 14day-flag off challenge,

14litres of clean drinking water, the equivalent of a week’s worth of clean drinking water for 1person, will be donated to communities in need, helping women and their families break out of their cycle of ill health and poverty!


And it’s so thoughtful of Pantene to come up with this regimen wheel so you will know which product is suitable for your hair needs! 😀
Will blog about my 7th day next! 😀 cant wait for the 14th day! 😀

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  1. The one way to get thin is to re-establish a purpose in life. – It is just a very funny saying I ran across the other day to cheer you up )))

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