[Ladies must read! ;)] ChocoMarvel – Your Natural Menstrual Care


– abdominal pain
– backache
– bloating
– nausea
– diarrhea
– constipation
– headaches
– breast tenderness
– irritability and
– mood changes

the highlighted ones are the few that I always experienced every mth without FAIL!

YES! IT’S WOMAN’S ENEMY, our period!

Been searching high and low for a remedy and……………………………………….


what is this? cant really see it, CLOSER!

cute packaging indeed, but just what is it?

ChocoMarvel is a combined rich chocolate drink with natural plant extracts that are targeted to help us, ladies manage the various symptoms and discomforts during menstruation.

with ChocoMarvel, you can stay ENERGETIC & FRESH throughout the day without feeling weak and lethargic!

I like this product because it’s different from the usual boring tasteless supplements! ;D

Before I go on..

Let’s prepare one cup for myself 😛

2011-10-23 18.15.35
the contents! look like milo right?
2011-10-23 18.15.58
add in 150ml of hot water!
2011-10-23 18.17.27
TADA! *hot chocolate*! Taste good and i feel so much better 😛
2011-10-22 23.53.37
and of course since im happy now, i will camwhore 😛

SO Why should we choose Chocomarvel?

The rich chocolate taste makes it enjoyable to consume, I AGREE!
Derived from 100% natural ingredients
Suitable for long-term consumption
LOW FAT!!!! okay this one very important, it’s low fat so i SUPER LIKE!

And how does it helps us?

Helps to maintain hormone levels, reduce irritability and depression! (less pimples and bye moodswings yay~)
Helps improve facial complexion (WOW, very doubtful, but if you nv try u nv know!)
Helps replenish iron loss during menstruation! (okay, do you know that on average, a woman can lose up to 50% of their daily requirement of iron during each menstrual cycle? this is v bad lor!)
Helps relieve bloating, tension and discomfort (really hate the bloatedness!)
Promotes blood circulation and aids in relief of menstruation pain

Chocomarvel can be taken before or during menses to help manage the discomfort during menses.
And consumption: One sachet, once – twice daily!

Know more about Chocomarvel from their webby and facebook 🙂

Chocomarvel’s fb
Other than that, Like their fb and GET A FREE SAMPLE FROM THERE! 😉
*Caution: consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product if you are nursing or pregnant.
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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