[Follow-up review] Biotherm Skinergetic :)

Remember the product – Skinergetic that I reviewed? here- review


I’ve used it for about 3weeks plus now and I noticed there’s really a different on my face!

The goods..

The first thing i loved about this product is that it is not too rich, those products which are very rich always caused me to have pimples!

Next, easily absorbed. the serum sinks in really fast after I apply, i dun need to wait very long before i apply my moisturizer.

Also, once applied, i feel very refreshed, it’s like i know my skin is revived HAHA!

Definitely very moisturizing and hydrating, why i say so? I’ve got a very bad habit, whenever i feel stress i will tend to rub the corner of my mouth, (i dunno why dun ask me) then the area there will become very dry and even flaky! But after using skinergetic, the dry area improved alot and it also apply to the times when i do rub it, the skin there are not that dry compared to before, (im trying to get rid of this habit alrdy)!

Lastly, slight improvement in skin elasticity, more radiant and smoother! (this is being observed by simon)

The bads..

Not really bad, but for pores wise, i’m still monitoring, as I’ve got about 2mths plus to go, i will see if my pores are improving.

Conclusion, it’s a must buy if you’re not on a budget! 🙂

*review based on my own experience*

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