Masks I used (sensitive skin)

I’m sure everyone of you heard about Beauty Diary masks before right?
Everyone is talking about how good it is to the skin, but sadly, I couldn’t use.
I’ve tried all of it before, and my face popped even more pimples 🙁

There’s alot of masks that I’m not suitable to, but only faceshop ones.
which is the herbal therapy range.



Jasmine & Fennel: To revitalize and improve suppleness
Teatree & Bergamot: To cleanse and refresh skin


Geranium & Everlasting flower: To hydrate skin for greater health
Lavendar & Neroli: To comfort skin

I consult the girls in faceshop before, and they told me their herbal therapy range of masks are suitable for sensitive skin, because of their natural ingredients, true enough, it’s good for me! 🙂

And I got these 2 masks as well..

Everyone knows Aloe vera is good, and for the garnier one, whitening so I wanna try also 😛 (although I was always being told that i dun need whitening)

So if you have sensitive skin like mine, now you have a choice! Get the herbal therapy ones from faceshop 😉
It’s so much cheaper now!

tip of the day: wash your face with cold water 😀 believe me.. ^^