Ever heard of SpeedPost? If no, nevermind, because I only got to know about it recently too! 😛
And after using it, I think it’s a must to recommend to you guys!

So how did I get to know about it………..

2weeks ago, I helped my aunt to post her camera and tripod on Ebay for selling, there’s this buyer who was interested and eventually he decided on purchasing them 😀

Though I was very excited, I was frustrated as well, know why? Because the buyer needs them urgently and my aunt got no time to meet up with him to make the deal! So no matter what timing, or weekdays or ends, my aunt just couldn’t make it.

So I asked Simon for help, he said, “USE SPEEDPOST LA!” and I was like, ”erm.. what is that?” LOL!
So after him explaining to me and etc..

The next day I called Speedpost up!
I told them my auntie need to make a delivery, and also giving them the location. (of cos the buyer agreed to pay the fees, cos he needs it urgently!)

And so they went to her office the following day, get the stuffs and deliver them!

OMG it’s so convenient! I should check out Speedpost earlier!

For my case, I used it locally, but if you need to deliver to oversea.. DON’T WORRY! Of course you can!

For overseas delivery, you can use SPEEDPOST EXPRESS IMPORT!

Express import is even better because it allows you to import documents or parcels from more than 100 countries and territories worldwide back to Singapore!

Got relatives and friends overseas that help you to do bulk shopping? Or having a blog shop that needs bulk delivery frequently? SPEEDPOST EXPRESS IMPORT is meant for you!

I know i know, the question here is: how to use it right?

and here you go!


its quite easy right? 🙂

now, let’s take a look at the country zone chart & the estimated transit days..



Don’t wait already! They are having promotion now!


50% is a VERY GOOD DEAL!! Hurry while the promotion ends!!

If you’re still confused about how this works, give them a call!
1800 222 5777!
Or visit their website for more information! 🙂
Speedpost webby!

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