Beauty food! LET UR SKIN GLOW NOW!

Toners and moisturizers are important, and so are the food that you eat!
You may have the best toner or moisturizer on earth but if you are eating oily and junk food, you can just say BYEBYE to your $$$ and clear/nice/glowy skin!

SO start now! Cut down on fried food and snacks!
And indulge in healthier choices. I’m gonna share some of the beauty food that I heard is really good for the skin 😀

Top on my list: Avocado!
Erm, actually it should be Guiling Gao, a jelly-like chinese herbal medicine but due to the fact that I never once went into a herbal shop to buy it, I can only put it on my 2nd list. I like guiling gao but those canned ones! HAHAHAHA. Cos i heard the real one is very bitter :/ ok back to topic.



Looks like dragon egg right. They are high in fats but its healthy fats because most of them are monounsaturated fats. The omega 3 fatty acids hidden inside these fruits are the key to keeping your skin plump and also aids in preventing dry skin!
They also contain both vitamin C and E, yes anti aging!



This should be consumed frequently to achieve that good complexion, but yes from the herbal shop, the bitter one, not those canned ones from supermarkets. It’s said to improve skin overtime and also improve blood circulation mmm nice (:


Sadly, I dun have a photo of this xue ha thingy, but from what I know I think it came from some parts of a frog, fats or eggs? Correct me if anyone of you know about this. 🙂 ty
I got to know this as last week at punggol east, xian restaurant, yihui told me that this is very good for the skin and body! I’ve never tried before, it’s a dessert btw. Shall try it next time. hehe.

I know there are still lots of food out there that is good for the skin, e.g bird nest and placenta? GOODNESS.
Share with me the food that you think they’re good for your skin and body!! 😀

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