Suffering from bloatedness?

I realised women always suffer from bloatedness, I know it feels terrible, because I’m experiencing it NOW!
The most common cause is always pre menstrual symptoms, well..

Some tips to recover from bloatedness would be:

1) You might be lactose intolerant. If that’s the case, then cut down on milk and stuffs.

2) Cut down on wheat.

3) Do not overeat, eat regular smaller meals, cut down on greasy food! You would feel extremely disgusted with the feeling when you go for a sinful buffet or bbq session with your friends!

4) Drink tea!

5) Increase intake of fiber, eat more vegetables and fruits!

6) Don’t chew on chewing gums when you are bloated, it would make it worse!

7) Drink more water!

That’s about it folks. Anything asked me at my formspring (:
I would be happy to answer πŸ˜€

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