The previous post i talked about having a sensible diet. Today I’m gonna give some other tips to get that flat tummy (:


Always remember to eat your breakfast as I have said before, and never ever skipped meals! Skipping meals would slow down your metabolism rate, this I’m not kidding. Yes you would lose weight, but after sometime, you would suddenly binge and gain the kilos back easily.

Exercise! Exercise is the next key importance to achieving it. 30minutes a day is all you need to fork out. To lose weight, you would need to work out 250minutes a week. Exercise also increase metabolism!

Do some abs exercises. Start with crunches first. Don’t do sit ups if you don’t know how to do it in the right form!

This should be about it, I will update more if I happened to think of any 😀

Oh by the way, I’m trying on a new lens, which I’m still monitoring if it’s good or not. If it’s good I will intro 😀
Next post , outing with 8yrs bestie 😀


  1. hello, wad exercise do you usally do? as i know running if doesnt knw the right form would also cause huge legs. instead of smaller legs true?

    1. Hey there 🙂 I think it’s different for everyone. Some may jog and still have lean legs, but others may jog and resulted in bulky legs. As far as I know once you stop running, you would definitely lost weight, but after you stop, you would have water retention which will make your legs bulky. I jogged before and it’s not good for me, cos to be honest, my legs are quite bulky, and I changed to brisk walking, which is slowly getting better now! I recommend you to go for brisk walking(: and other exercise I do are climbing stairs and some strength training for toning up. (:

  2. hi.. I really admire your courage to lose 40kg! It will really be nice if u can write down your thoughts and feelings and also how u keep yourself motivated to lose weight. It will really be a great help to all of us! THanks 🙂

    1. thank you and sure, will do! i’ll write about it once i finished my exams! 😀

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