Story of a bag! PART 2

i actually wanted a kitty calendar diary but i cant resist cute stuffs so yah i got this!
i love taiyaki!
the bag he chose for me

Today i met BE at orchard after his company’s annual lunch. We walked around and got ourselves a mini note book from Kinokuniya!

which after that we went to scape to meet kailei, weiling and friends. there’s a flea on going there but i didnt get anything. nothing special 🙁 then me and be go off first to Cineleisure.

went to editor’s market and i fell in love with a bag! but in the end what i got wasn’t the initial one i want but i still like it 😀 guess how i got it?

i was feeling really down because i couldnt get the bag, and so he decided to buy for me. i said no because i dun want him to waste his money. but he insists on buying it and we went back to editor’s. he asked if im serious about getting the bag ( the initial one ), or the one he chose for me. And after his analysis on which one is better, i decided on the one he picked.

okay before that i told him, since we are not buying today then let’s go, i will go home and consider which to buy. ^^

im smart right? but HE IS SMARTER THAN ME!

we walked to the escalator and he told me he need to adjust his shoe or something, and after he’s done, my first instinct was to step on the escalator right? this was when he suddenly backed off and walked back to Editor’s! Omg, there’s people behind and in front me so i couldn’t climb back -.- and so i have to laughed all the way down and hell, it is malu man. And when I’m back to Editor’s, the sales girl had already handed him a new one, oh well.. actually I was already very touched when i saw that he actually wrote in his notebook that i wanted the bag, so I was thinking, “its okay lah, next time then buy.” but yah, i don’t know what is his brain
made of. LOL.

went to pastamania for dinner, clam chowder, not nice leh

chicken ham cheesy crumble, damn this is too cheesy, too much of it makes me go gross

mediterranean. no more protein for him. ohya, simontey told me that he actually wanted to lie to me saying he go toilet when we are having dinner so he could get the bag for me, and that the backed off from the escalator plan was a last minute one.
it was still raining heavily and we went hunting for umbrella! couldn’t find any, -.- and here i am at mandarin gallery, isit?

miscellaneous! i got the cutest umbrella HAHA. damn am i even 21? :X white and green nail polish for nail art, and bangles for only $4.90, hell why is there sales everywhere I LIKE!

thats how i spend my last saturday for the month, CNY is coming, valentine’s is coming and EXAMS. oh my god. fuckmylife 🙁 i am gonna spend my cny at home studying! i want my gpa 3.5 again although i know it’s abit hard for this time round, nevertheless i will work hard. I WILL!

note: thank u be for the bag 🙂 <3

anyway guys, thought of anything to surprise your loved ones? 😀

something to look forward: im excited for the hands on make up course after CNY! 🙂
something depressing: HAIZ. marketing proposal, i totally forgot about i
t. haiyo! :'(

i got craving for brownie, i wanna bake brownies, cookies and cupcakes! where got time!? ALAMAK.

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