Formal wear, pencil case, and lastly EGG TARTS! (portugese)

me in formal, my besties say i look like air stewardess. wth -.-
my be is the pro, becos he hand sew this pencil case for me how sweeeet! <3 i love u bebe thank u much!
and this is the Portuguese egg tart i baked! NICE RIGHT?

it was formal day today, scare the hell outta me because we need to stand on stage and present to faci and students. but luckily everything went well, thanks to pink because she handle the q&a.

be came over to my place after work, without having his dinner, den he handed me this pencil case, so cute! and i nv expected it to have a heart shape ;PP i love it so sweeeeet! <3

Portuguese egg tarts are easy and i want to bake again, this time round more custard!

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