my new indulge, rosti!


my mocha, your latte, our cheesy potato wedges!


garlic bread and mushroom soup, i heart marche~


loots. total $33 for 4!


yankaykay and me, SHE HOT OKAY


me at one robertson quay


the guy’s rosti with fried egg and salmon. yums!


tehe πŸ˜€

im a sucker for eggwhite.

recently im so lazy to blog, i just wanna post pictures. went to flea, saw yankaykay and bongqiuqiu, didnt buy anything from them i think i was too late.. and it was simontey who asked me to go in the first place. HAHA. im happy cos i got my loots and manage to take a pic with her and we went funan, den orchard to shop around, be got his shirt and one tshirt at uniqlo. afterwards cabbed down to one roberson quay, and the uncle drove us to one fullerton. ohwell -.-

holidays here, BUT
monday- project
tuesday- work
wednesday- hospital appointment
thursday- gym and helping that arse to time his running.
friday- st james boiler room, ktv no more, church in the morning?
saturday-christmas day! gonna bake sponge cake~

i shall update my schedule from tuesday onwards next week. AHHH SO BUSY!