2nd picture taken today. *feeling emo because overdose of sugar everyday!* LOL holidays coming = healthy time. BUT IM NOT GONNA DIET. period.

first picture – simple cake, but i used margarine, not bad, i especially like the top part.
before that i tried baking chips and it turned out disastrous. something not right with the heat i guess. o well. shi bai shi cheng gong zhi mu*

alright now time to update!

saturday went to upper pierce reservoir, walk in for 45mins and another 45mins out, i want to bring lei there soon, as its much more beautiful than upper seletar. But the gate closed at 730pm at night, even got car also no use. best if can walk or maybe cycle? the scenery was really good, so be can train on his landscape picture. after that went to eat roti prata and murtabak with soursop, sedup! lol. before that lunch was at lavender eating beef noodle. wooo~ had a hard time looking for atm machine, wow what a walkathon that day.

sunday be cooked us lunch, simple, not fulfilling, and tasty. not fulfilling because not full lor! i left him more noodles LOL. den at night had chicken chop, this 2days really sinful hor? but i think the walking did help. after that we went to courts and bought my OVEN. i actually want the big one haha. and i got it. SO HAPPY! WEE. thank u so much be <3 now i can become good chef. and because of this, im getting fatter. because i bake everyday and eat them everyday! <3

so monday – i bake banana cake
tuesday – muffins
wednesday – double chocolate chip cookie soft dough
thursday – margarine cake
today? i will be cooking dinner for the BE. and he sponsor me money LOL! it will be simple 🙂 and unhealthy!
he’s a unhealthy freak!

HOLIDAYS HERE BABY! monday gonna bake and do proposal with the other wondergirls!
honey cornflakes and brownies? mmm shall see 🙂 and dinner!

this holiday will be STUDY. i wanna ACE.

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