hi people, i seriously think ive put on weight, ah whatever, (recently i think that baba is better ;X) and my menses is coming which explains again why im feeling and looking bloated. how long does evening primrose takes effect? sianzzz

was thinking of going hort park this coming saturday with hub, but im clinged to work! and also the reason why im still awake now although i really wish im asleep right now. im still doing my ads, its a fast work, finishing soon. but im lazy! thats really badddddddd.. >< i ate mooncake today, feel so sinful! and the bahu biscuit i bought from phuket, damn that is so n.i.c.e!

i bought yoplait yogurt the other day, it was good! shall upload d picture tomorrow πŸ˜€

indecisive – should i go bintan this december? 2d1n or 3d2n?

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