BLOODY CUTE, i like! πŸ˜€

wanted to have pizza hut but the food at gmc is too hard to resist we settled for jap food intro by MAKANSUTRA! teriyaki chicken and salmon set!

my recent indulgence! love it, the combi of walnut and banana is just superb!

den we went to golden mile complex, saw SLII MUFFIN! bought raisin muffin, cranberry and oraange, last BANANA WALNUT!

after a tiff, we went to this kallang dono river or what to cool ourselves down, 2 cats were spotted, fish was left there to die and await to be devoured πŸ™

pictures posted without any sequence, initial plan was to head to army market and then pizza hut for lunch, but we had a quarrel, OMG, and we went to this kallang river to chill and cool down. rot there for awhile, invited mozzies -_- haiz. LOL. it was about 3 to 4+ and we haven eat our lunch, so we decided to go to golden mile first, and there i saw SLII muffin! NICE! :):) had sugar cane and my BANANA WALNUT MUFFIN (yay) for snack, and we suddenly changed our mind, decided to stay at GMC for lunch instead LOL wth, muffins’ calories wasted. but it was worth it πŸ˜€ had japanese food, cheap and good, chawanmushi is also included! be bought his bag from army market specially for our trip, walao eh uncle, how many bags u got alrdy! a bag for every trip LOL wth! ><

wanted to go to suntec but stop at bugis instead, so cold you know nearly die. walked around, no fbt found, no coffee craves satisfied, and we head over to tampines’ starhub and home sweet home, dinner @ 10pm +!

side note, my knee start to ache alrdy πŸ™ well, i guess its time for me to cut down on some workouts.

im not oblivious to all these, i guess this is life, this is friendship, bonded when there are frequent meetups, distant when meetups are lesser, im glad when im feeling down, you all are still there for me, thanks to those who tell me they miss me and want to meet me, but come to really best and close friends, its a mutual thing, so who is the one for me?

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