okay ah it may not look nice but it tastes good! 😀

remember i said i would upload my breakfast today, the one that costs me frigging 7bucks. here you go. AUNT TRUDY’S 3bean veggie chili. well you know why its so expensive? because it is O.R.G.A.N.I.C! zzz haiz.. it takes so long to bake! more than 40minutes can! >?<

went for a jog and brisk walk this morning, completed 5.4km in total, with brisk walking la obviously. -__-

results! surprisingly this chili taste somewhat like beef chili from wendy’s! OMG and its way way way healthier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:DDD now im happy but i dont feel full -_-

pathetic lunch again, and ive been exercising so much for this week that i gained muscle mass. cool or what lol! tml going army market with be. and i need to buy fbt shorts and plastic bottles. PHUKET YESYESYES WEEKEND PASS QUICKLY AND WEDNESDAY FASTER COME! next week for 2days im totally free sial no work LOL!