today was a fruitful day! no doubt i was sulking in the morning, as it is a SATURDAY and i gotta wake up at 5, but anw.. i was late and i cabbed down. :

gathering and taking attendance, next we took 913 to marsiling drive, blk 3. SUNLOVE. saw a lot of senior citizens there, we were asked to choose a elderly that we prefer, like race, language and gender. i picked the one that i wanted to aim on long time ago, and i actually wanted to tell rui that we picked the slowest one of all. 🙁 i feel very guilty, sorry ahma… initially, i hadn’t know her that good, but after some interaction, i realize GOH AI THIAM AHMA IS SHO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is 88 years old, a very independent old lady, vegetarian, (cannot even eat spring onions, garlic etcc) even though her legs are weak, she insists to walk and not sit on a wheelchair! SALUTE! when we try helping her like lending her a hand to hold on, if she manage to do it her way she would reject. seeing her smile warms my heart, and the warm of her hand on my arms feels good.. i don’t know whats the reason behind that her family leave her there, but i hope she can continue to live until a very old age. 🙂 ALL THE BEST AHMA AH TIAM! HOPE YOUR LEGS WILL GET BETTER DAY BY DAY! BLESS YOU. (waiting for picture from bird!)

things that we bought for her
1. rice
2. sugar (2)
3. kopi O (2) I REMEMBER SHE SAY 1 LOR! lol!
4. chu qian yi ding (prawn)
5. myojo vegetarian maggie
6. soya bean oil
7. and i talked to her over the phone! PEANUT BUTTER JAM! KAWAII!
total: $45. me and bird are PROS. at first it was over budget, then we find cheaper ones so that the total of the money will be lesser, because we haven’t buy the oil. then we got the oil @ $11.90 which is just nice, $45!

side note for myself today,,

people are suffering out there while we lucky ones are enjoying our lives here, they are not crying yet struggling hard to survive. even though they may not have their families, they do not have money or food, they still live on. while we are here, shen zai fu zhong bu zhi fu. i should not waste my food anymore, if i know i will not finish it, i’m not gonna buy it in the first place. poor africans.. 🙁

AND ALSO! today this ahma comment that we are hao xin ren, but thinking back, self reflection, how i treat my ahma? time to do my own rj man. LOL KIDDING. if i got the heart to help other elderly, why can’t i just swallow my unhappiness when she accused me? hmmm.. BECAUSE FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT!

did i mention that i went for my school ig audition? don’t think i will get in one lalalalalalala…

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