BIBIMBAP (dated 7th april)

was with BE at peninsula plaza looking for ying’s present, walked to BRAS BASAH COMPLEX afterwards for dinner. saw this stall selling korean food, and i just tell bebe that i want to eat BIBIMBAP!

Bibimbap is a very popular dish in Korea, consisting of lean meat, red pepper paste, loads of vegetbales and an egg spread over warm short grain rice. Its a healthy dish but to me, i still think 634 calories is way tooooo much for someone on a diet. : anyway, the purpose of me blogging about Bibimbap is not introducing how healthy or fattening it is, BUT how does it taste at Bras Basah.

it was my first ever time trying this dish, and to my utter disappointment, it taste bad! REALLY REALLY BAD! i dont know if its the sauce, or the egg is alrdy foul, or whatever, but its really bad πŸ™ i shd have just try be’s ramen or some other local food. -.- lesson learned, i’ll never go to a hawker to try korean food! or never at Bras Basah again…

will update the hotel celebration @ Good Wood Park Hotel, (incredibly awesome, can i have it on my bday? hehehe~) either on monday or tuesday. sorry people, as i promise i would update on friday but i was too tired after the hotel and i do not have the time πŸ™ once again, happy birthday to my 3 April babies, weiling, kairui and jiaying.
presents: kailei (Forever 21 Vouchers), weiling (Mango denim vest), jiaying, (jelly camera @ peninsula plaza, with films and batteries

did i mention bebe is cooking dinner now? or is he not? πŸ˜›


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