didnt make much effort to blog cos i still do not own a LAPTOP.
but after 3rdapril, i can blog almost every single day and upload tons of pictures, where ive been going, what ive been doing etc, etc.. i will be signing up for broadband plan as well, the one where u can bring wherever you go.
and of cos i will be updating next about 8th and 10th april. one is my friends’ pre birthday celebration @ goodwood park, and my cute closest kin, tan poh choo, my ahma’s birthday! 😀

15th april will be the first day of school, and its also the day whereby i need to go down to MINISTRY OF MANPOWER for the court inquiry with my previous company, INFOTOOLS PTE LTD. im hell load with guts to file a claim, but well, i wouldnt take it down that they are treating me as a fool or whatsoever.

talking about school, i’ve got no idea how to mix around with kids younger than me. its not a major age difference but still, 3YRS remind me, of ‘age gap’! boooooo.. >,<
some random facts,
i am a sentimental person, but then again, to contradict, hardhearted.
i do look extroverted but infact im a introverted person.
am i not a outspoken person? but yet also a incommunicative and indirect one.
i can be patient yet im definitely not rational.
well, more to go… leave it to my new friends to find it out.. 😉

things to buy before school.
1. uniqlo pastel jeanS
2. uniqlo pastel knit topS
3. topshop skinny jeans
4. yakpak bagpack (bebe will be buying)
5. crocs
6. barefoot, its optional.
7. of cos, more tanktops!

last thing to buy for my face, vichy anti-imperfections.

last note for today, i went ion with bebe last night, our last destination was at the jewellery street, bebe was asking me about how many prongs i prefer, the cuts of the diamond, and how many carat. i replied jokingly, lots of cuts, 4prongs, 0.5ct. i shd have say i want 0.3 isnt it. : lol! 12th Feb 2012 might seem a long way from now, and it might not be the engagement i have been mentioning all along, because it ‘can’ be my MARRIAGE! i know simont will give me a big whoohhaaa surprise!!!!!!!!!!!! i know… :D:DDDDDDDDDDD

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