Jing di zhi wa is truly meant for people like me, who stayed in SINGAPORE and yet, never been to changi beach nor the hawker centre there. How can someone like me who is so ‘nuttylicious’ over delicious food missed out on this good location?


Never leave this place without trying their famous nasi lemak @ #01-53/54, the queue is very long and i dont know exactly how long i’ve been waiting for be,
2nd, ba chor mee. one of the local delights that is almost everywhere in SG,
den, end with a cooling dessert, longan jelly, direct translation in chinese: Hong Cha Long Yan.

 left: ba chor mee. right: nasi lemak.
ba chor mee is no doubt 1 of the famous dishes in SG but sadly, not every single one of it deserves a thumbs up from the customers. but for this particular one, i believe that most of our singaporeans would agree with me that its tasty and definitely worth the wait. i wouldnt comment much of it, as TRY IT AND U WILL KNOW 😉
as for nasi lemak, im not a big fan of nasi lemak because i am very health conscious, but how can anyone not know about the famous nasi lemak in changi? so of cos u cant leave changi without tasting it!

some random picture of my bf. poking chopstick into his nose. haha!

that explains it.

cooling longan jelly, recommended by bebe. it taste really good, just nice, not too sweet and overall i dun think its fattening, compare to ice kachang and chendol etc,etc… 

last but not least, after a satisfying meal, take a stroll at the beach with your significance someone or your close friend, relax your mind and soul, listening to the roar of the ocean, enjoying the cooling sea breeze, im almost sure that would ease a tiresome day away… 🙂

side note;; having chalet on my birthday, will be inviting my close friends, its been sometime my friends celebrate my birthday with me too also. HAHAH! thanks bebe for bringing up this plan to me! I LOVE YOU!

lesson learned today, know your country well before stepping into others’

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