pacing back and forth hearing the thump thump thump of my heart, i know i have no choice but to deal with whatever the results is. i still have to go on with life, although its another long journey again if i fail. im impatiently waiting for 2pm to pass by, lim wei ting, keep cool..

my back are straighter, no more hunching or whatever u call it.
i survived this surgery which mean i have to be stronger for whatever its gonna come in my life.
be it good or bad. good, i will make it better, bad, i will clear the obstacles or at least not letting it be worse.
after our malacca and kl trip. i gonna go polyclinic to have a breast and gastro or intestines checkup. hopefully, its not breast or colon cancer. im still young, there’s dozens of things that i wanna do. i wanna succeed in my studies. i wanna have my own family. i am only 20. god u have to guide me and bless me. i pray….

zing, all the best for you. we will all miss u.

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