FUTURE POP’S BIRTHDAY (and i am finally back)

early in the morning, (b! u know we looked so sweet like this?) after that snap!
family photo eh. CDO TEY WHERE ARE U? tsk.
i say already i looked fat now. stop snapping:( tou pai tou pai!
fattyting playing a fool, ‘b u do that again i take pic.’ lucky u cdo i was in a better mood so i pose for u. ;p
b i think its cuter when u open ur mouth. I THINK ITS FUNNIER RIGHT! ass. lol!

xanga, wordpress or lifejournal? i am still noob about lj.
but blogspot, you really suck!
cant seem to upload pictures. now when its finally available, it’s getting FOREVER..
it is just bloody 5 photos (first) and still the bar is not running. FH?!
alright then.. fc!
(finally its uploaded, lucky my post is still here if not i will kick blog’s balls. damn.. and 2pictures on last wed at fort canning park(;)

mon – ph.
tues – suckballs. (work)

wed was just a short trip, cos we have to work on the following day..
and it was only 2days earlier den i realise it was our 1.5yr!
so he got the panasonic fx28 first. (memories)
i keep cursing him for spoiling my saving’s plan! LAUGHS!
ok no more sidetracking..
we went to fort canning park, hey people! please for goodness sake, go there and take a look @ the RAIN TREE! what a beauty loh!!!
den brewerks, finger food (sinful) and golden ale. (having tummy already!)
home sweet home with alot of misses..
everything happen just like yesterday. 2yrs coming soon..
im sorry for the dreadful 2weeks that i have create sucha chaos to you.
but believe me, my trust for you is 101% :D..

thursday, meet bebe at chinatown. pearl ctr? people’s pk ctr or complex? aiya!
got my shampoo, body and facial foam. super cheap.
(time to go yun nam, weiting having hair fall problems.)

went to crystal jade on sat for be’s pop birthday lunch.
we were late. and most of the food i ate was peanuts. screw me. my face’s damn zheng. tsk..
the congee that bebe ordered was amazingly good. i wonder how come plain congee can taste so fabulous ah? erm.. i think it taste even better than the century egg porridge.
and why wasabi is use for shao rou? doesnt it taste funny? hmmm..
sorry to say, but im still not very into chinese cuisine. ;p (time to learn how to cook, bebe’s already planning on our engagement. WAVE! HELLO SIMON! I DONT NEED A BIG DIAMOND! <3)
den go church. wander at amk afterwards, have dinner. (the yong tau foo costs $2, 7pieces! good deal right? BUT FUCKING SMALL PORTION LA!) LOL! i actually want to try be’s meatballs. but it is fattening! so yea…
home sweet home.. both of us are dead beat. we ko and wake up at 2plus den go back to sleep at around 5-6am.

sunday! today. wake up at 9plus. kick start metabolism. breakfast is a must!
but lunch was skipped and potato chips was substitute for it! WADDA?


*skinny mon, stop sleeping. skip lunch not enough? later become bones. and i am feeling abit hungry already!!!*

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