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it was exciting and fun today. i didnt know i could walk, climb etc for so long. my feet are having blisters now but who cares, lol. didnt manage to reach the summit of bt timah hill cos it closes at 7pm BUT the rock path nearly killed me, seriously speaking, i was close to tears. LOL! what do i call that? slope phobia? but thanks to bebe who guide and hold on to me TIGHT all the way. more of this activities will be coming up, but i need to rest my feet first. shd i or shd i not go for the mt kinabalu climb? you guys can google it or yahoo it. its really beautiful! and my friends, now u all know how fat i am now. zzz..
some reminder for myself.

1) exams in nov! i havent touch social studies yet for GOODNESS SAKE! hui pls help me to look for textbook. many thks.
2) gonna be healthy, eat healthy etc, for my surgery, in case complications etc etc.
3) stop minding about weight issue. whats the point if you look very skinny but some fats are still hanging there. ditch all the under 1,000 calories diet. since i had alr gained back, i shouldnt whine, instead i should change my mindset. eat normal, healthier, and exercise regularly. i want a long term weight loss, not short term. and i want to slash body fats now and not kgs. and i mean overall body fats. friends pls support me! cos it’s going to be a long journey again………………………..
4) hello weiting! its already the month of july. what is your balance in ur bank a/c NOW??!?!?!? :@

of cos i’d still envy those skinny ones, but dont compare la. different people different bone structure. just do my best lorrrrrr.

god is fair, no one is perfect.

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