[S-series] Autumn in Osaka-Kyoto-Nara Day 4 Pt 2: Kimono Time!

Hi Guys

Its Pt 2 now, after we spent the morning exploring Mt Inari in Kyoto. Next stop, Kimono rental shop: Yumeyakata (夢館).

We took the train to Kyoto station and the subway to Gojo station. The rental shop is a 5 mins walk from the station and we actually walked past the shop because we totally missed that huge signage over our heads…

Once inside, we were quickly ushered in and we start by choosing a kimono for Claire, because men are generally much faster than women in donning the kimono. The shop hired people who speak different languages to cater for an international crowd, so you can always find someone who can understand you.

Everything is very efficient, but apparently they made Claire chose the optional hairdo package, so I waited for 30-45 mins after I’ve changed into my kimono. I’m super not into this type of tourism, but because its Japanese, so I am more forgiving. LOL.

Kimono Claire

Claire finally came to the waiting room and I was blown away. I always thought she was pretty, call it bias all you want, but she’s gorgeous in a kimono! She can really pass off as a pretty local Japanese girl looking like that.  So kawaii! Pardon me for my cringe-worthy writings. Afterall, I’m Claire’s number one groupie, that’s why we were married. LOL.

Once outside, I’m immediately conscious of the attention Claire garners.

“Keep your tongues in your mouths! You wolves!”

Well of course I didn’t say that out loud. But yeah, they made me feel slightly pissed yet proud. It’s a weird feeling.

Go everywhere take everything

Well the whole point of playing dress up is to take photos right? So while we’re walking to Kiyomizu Dera, its a long walk in kimono by the way, we keep stopping to pose for photos. Ok, its more like I stop Claire and made her pose for my camera..

Crossing a bridge, snap.

Spot a cute guest house, snap.

Spot somebody’s house, snap.

Yet another bridge, snap.

Kiyomizu Dera

So by the time we arrived, it’s already after 1pm. It was so crowded we couldn’t get in. We were getting tired from all the walking in costumes and I was so pissed off with bumping into everyone and everyone bumping into me, walking into my frame and smiling at my camera. I was ready to kill some… ice cream.

Yup, time to murder some tourist-priced matcha soft serve, and of course must look great killing it on a busy street..

Check the crowd people, its like the crowd is the highlight of this tourist destination.

Even this alley, we gotta join a queue to take a photo here.

Sanenzaka to Ninenzaka to %Arabica Kyoto

This place looks really nice in photographs by others, I just can’t figure out how they remove all these people. Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka are streets lined with preserved historic buildings from old Kyoto. Its beautiful, filled to the brim with old-town vibe with overwhelming tourist presence…

As we follow the river of people, I remembered there was this Starbucks with tatami rooms for its patrons. But the wall of people kinda hid the Starbucks from view so we really couldn’t find it. It was supposed to be in Ninenzaka.. But that’s ok, because judging from the looks of it, we probably won’t ever get a seat in there anyways.

Even the kids are restless, she must be as introverted as me.

And so, we walked on and saw Yasaka Pagoda in the distance, snap.

And then I finally found %Arabica, apparently it’s a really popular third wave coffee chain that has branches in many countries already, including one in Singapore already in the plans. So gonna visit the Singapore one when its up, though I would very much prefer to drink their coffee in Japan.

Anyways back to %Arabica Kyoto, there was a long line outside the shop all the way to a nearby carpark, crazy long. But we joined the queue anyways, and wasted 45mins queuing for our coffee.

A long line of Kimono wearing people drinking ang moh style coffee.

Always been amazed by these iPad-registers modern shops are using nowadays.

Darn tired already still smile.

Returning our Kimono

We didn’t really get to sit and enjoy the coffee, and we were so darn tired yet we dare not sit along the sidewalk in fear of dirtying our kimono.. So, we continued walking to the main road where we took a bus back to Yumeyakata.

Then we went back to Kyoto Station and then back to our ryokan for a tea session, I’m so gonna buy the yokode no kyūsu they have in our room.

Too tired to take any photographs here so we’re just gonna turn in now. See you in Pt. 5.

Simon Tey

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