Channel 8 9pm drama: Hero 大英雄

November has been a very busy month. I basically missed out all the episodes of You are an angel 2. Unknowingly it is already December and Hero (Chinese: 大英雄) has already started!

This drama consists of 30 episodes and has already aired on 29 November. It is also our blockbuster drama of the year end and stars Shaun Chen, Chen Hanwei, Jesseca Liu, Andie Chen, Sheila Sim, Ian Fang, Pan Lingling, Paige Chua, Bonnie Loo, Hor Ying Ying, Aileen Tan, Youyi, Jin Yinji, Brandon Wong, Chen Tianwen, Desmond Ng and Zhu Houren.

It’s about people living if Dakoka crescent, which is one of Singapore’s oldest HDB estates and will show the lives of the people who live there.

Doesn’t sound like a blockbuster to me but maybe it will be a very nice one! Shall start watching tv real soon!! 😀 And then there’s Jesseca Liu, of course I’m watching!!

Till the next people! 😀
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