Channel 8 9pm drama Fire Up 美味下半场 debuts 4th October

Today showing Fire Up 美味下半场! Drama main protagonist, Huang Bi Ren sets up a zi char stall after she was released from prison. She is determined to turn her life around and make amends to her children, at the same time also helping other ex offenders to find jobs.

From the preview, her child, Hayley seemed to blame her for her past. seems like she felt ashamed cos her mom is a ex offender.

I think this is going to be a very sad yet inspiring story, will try to watch more. So sad Clif 4 finish already, I haven’t really update that post too. Let’s see how this drama will turn out to be.

Update 31st October: I didn’t follow all the episodes but I somehow know how the story goes. It was obvious that Ying Xiong brother was faking concern all the while. His face shouts jealousy all the time when he’s with the family. I also hate the part where meimei has to be forced to leave Ying Xiong because this is like a typical story line. lol!

But anyway the drama is pretty nice – focus on the good side of ex convicts. 🙂 Show that they can still make a difference and contribute to the society.

Pretty nice show overall, kinda sad that it’s the last episode today. Shall look forward to the next. 🙂

Cast for this drama: Huang Bi Ren, Hayley Woo, Thomas Ong, Brian Ng, Constance Song, Steve Yap, Chen Shu Cheng, Eelyn Kok, Tosh Zhang, Mei Xin, Yap Hui Xin, Haden Lee, Lin Ru Ping. For more info check out –