Channel 8 9pm chinese drama – The Gentlemen 来自水星的男人

This drama broadcasted 15on National day 2016!

Got Paige Chua and Aloysius Pang!

The men in this drama will take on jobs that are more feminine in nature. I think this show will allow the men to understand women’s more. :p Also I got interested in this drama because I saw Aloysius wearing a red bra in the show yesterday and I didn’t know what is that until I googled and he is actually a undergarment designer!

Lol this is hilarious. I will try to watch more and update my thoughts here. Sorry that I stopped watching ‘the dream job’, as it has been too busy for me!

I’m busy with my hdb renovation and decoration actually. So if you’re interested, do read the articles that are related to my hdb bto. hehe ^^

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