[SIMONSERIES] Diaries of a coffee addict: The Search

Yes yes I’m quite addicted to coffee, like everyone else right? Who doesn’t like a hot cup of joe first thing in the morning to kick start your day? I remember my dear Claire bought me a capsule coffee machine, my first of any coffee making equipment I own, ok lah not that i own a lot of them anyways.

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We were really tight in our finances back in the days, think it was 4 years ago already, that was before Claire started her Poly days, she spent a few hundreds she saved up for me..

Ok back to current time, after the past few years of myself having some health issues, I begin to start my quest for good coffee anew. Although I like those expensive gourmet coffee other people brew for me, I for one actually prefer to make my own coffee and enjoy all the privacy in my own home. I bought a couple contraptions like the french press etc but ended up with just a simple drip coffee. Although the press was good, I disliked having coffee grains in my coffee that the press failed to filter out. The drip coffee was simple and wasn’t as messy cleaning it up. I bought mason jars and all to store all the different ground coffee varieties I bought but I recently found out that even if I put the grounds in the best air tight jars I can find, they still turn stale really really fast. Like 2 weeks? I can’t finish all that grounds in 2 weeks loh. And when they turn stale, they taste like soaked cardboard with a hint of a fishy aftertaste…

I’ve been using the Hario V60 dripper. Its a plastic funnel that doesn’t cost a limb, simple to use, easy to clean and maintain. The filters cost like a couple reams of printing paper, expensive but then you wanna be sure that whatever fluid that pass through that paper will be safe to drink right? Hario is a Japanese brand (I love Japanese stuffs!!) and they of course have a whole line of beverage prep devices, I’ve been toying on the idea of buying a coffee mill from that line for a while now but just couldn’t part with the cash. But recent months I’ve been earning a little overtime so I slurged and bought a Porlex Mini Mill instead! Hahaha you must be thinking where did Porlex come from right? because I’ve been talking about Hario only. The Porlex (also Japanese) came to me when I was searching the net for reviews of hand-grinders. Seems like the Porlex is tiny, durable and yet yields consistent grinds, not that the Hario ones are no good, I bought this because it was always in those travel coffee kits that are popping up on the internet. Go Google. I’m sold on the idea of making good coffee yourself while outdoors #campvibes, Porlex is sort of designed for that.

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Look at that full metal constructions, my goodness, its gadget porn to me. I got it from Nylon Coffee at Everton Park, it cost quite a premium in my opinion, but heck lah I like it! Nylon Coffee also does their own roasting in house, coffee is best 3-10 days after roasting, so I bet their coffee will be unbelievably fresh! I was so eager to try using the Porlex with their beans but unfortunately they sold out. SO SAD. But then I went back again the next day braving the torrential downpour and bought a freshly roasted pack of beans with me dripping wet from hips down. The roasters/barista/shop assistant/owner I don’t know what to call them, I think it was the owner who showed me how to operate and dismantle the Porlex, then the second time I went for the beans one of the nice people there gave me a brief description of the different beans they offer. I got one for drip coffee, its called the Los Pirineos named after the place the beans were from I’m guessing. And the smell from the bag was a 100 ton punch up my senses, it smell so delicious I will drool. No I did drooled.

I’ll stop here for now, being too long-winded recently. I can’t wait to grind those beans but then they did ask me to wait around 4 days for the beans to “stabilise”.

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